Idiot journalists promote McVey with their crass stupidity and ignorance

Just how fecking ignorant can the British journalist be?  Just how much do they chase column inches and clicks about McVey when not realising what the f*ck she has just announced?

The above are two examples of what is professionally called “what-the-f*ck-are-you-doing-you-ignorant-f*ckwits” in seeking to say McVey has issues a climbdown when what she has actually done is ten times worse and deeply offensive.

And THAT is the reason this written statement has been sneaked out so let’s look at what it ACTUALLY said

youth obligation

Above is the written statement as you can see and it concerns something called the “Youth Obligation” – which is a policy to make 18 to 21 year olds train for their dole and for their housing benefit which in any case appears to be limited to the shared accommodation rate or SAR for 18 – 21 year olds in social housing and which has never applied before.

Universal Credit and how it pays housing costs (the replacement for housing benefit) has no separate rules that the eligibility of housing benefit has now between social housing (no SAR applies) and private rented housing (when SAR does apply) – it has no such distinction.

So when the statement says “… they will have support towards their housing costs IN THE NORMAL WAY” it means that the vastly reduced rate of housing benefit called the SAR will apply to social housing tenants for the first time.  How long before it applies to all single tenants in social housing under the age of 35 and to match the position in the private rented sector!!??

This will directly create huge increases in homelessness, evictions and poverty and even when it applies to those under 22 years of age.

It further means the threat of sanctions applies to the roof over a young persons head as it now applies to their UC housing benefit equivalent and so the scope of sanctions has been massively widened in this announcement from McVey – which the stupendously ignorant f*ckwits known as journalists are proclaiming to be a climbdown for McVey!!!  Just how stupid are you Daily Mirror, Independent and all the rest of you!?

Youth Obligation?

Train for 35 hours per week or have an unpaid work placement else you will not receive a penny in benefit and we will evict you too as we will stop your housing costs benefit!  And you journalists think this is good news, think it is a climbdown?

What f*cking planet are you on with your abject incompetence?


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