Joe Halewood is a housing consultant who has blogged under his Speye Joe name since 2011. Speye Joe is Joe keeping an eye on SP.

As a housing consultant with my own company since 2000 I only have myself to answer to and, as such, I write freely and assertively on all housing, housing benefit and tenant related matters as critically without my having to answer to a boss.

Some perceive my blogs falsely as deliberately controversial yet they only ask questions and posit views that challenge social and private landlords, governments central and local, politicians of all parties, and even tenants.  All these parties resent scrutiny and some call holding them to account as abuse!  Many resort to attacking the messenger and hope you forget the message.

I say things that many do not or cannot and almost all of the time any views or analyses are supported by those pesky things called fact – which often spoil many views, myths and opinions of those who resent scrutiny and criticism.

My Twitter avatar is the glorious Sgt Ernest Bilko below and you can contact and message me at @SpeyeJoe or at joehalewood@gmail.com