Labour Housing Policy 2022 – A shambolic couldn’t give a sh*t afterthought at best

Lisa Nandy’s staccato 17 sentence housing speech at Labour conference 2022 Wednesday 26 September 2022 was a farce and revealing that the Labour Party doesn’t give a damn about what we perversely call social housing. 

These 17 sentences of utter claptrap and ill-conceived nonsense reads:

  1. So we will mend the deliberate vandalism of our social housing stock.
  2. Because the idea of a home for life handed on in common ownership to future generations.
  3. Is an idea worth fighting for.
  4. Council housing is not a dirty word.
  5. So today, I can announce we will be the first government in a generation to restore social housing to the second largest form of tenure.
  6. This will be our mantra.
  7. Council housing, council housing, council housing.
  8. We’re going to rebuild our social housing stock and bring homes back into the ownership of local councils and communities.
  9. With home ownership opened up to millions more.
  10. And for private renters we will tilt the balance of power back to you through a powerful new renters charter and a new decent homes standard – written into law.
  11. Because security in your home, the right to make your home your own and most of all the right to live in a home fit for human habitation.
  12. Is non-negotiable.
  13. Because housing isn’t a market it’s a fundamental human right.
  14. It’s tempting at a time of national crisis, to retreat and to play it safe.
  15. That’s not who are.
  16. It was with ambition, courage and conviction in the darkest times.
  17. That out of the devastation of war, we built more council houses than any Government in history.


Three of these seventeen sentences have pledges as highlighted at sentences 5, 8 and 10.  The other fourteen sentences are political waffle befitting a fourteen year old.

Sentence 5 – “to restore social housing to the second largest tenure”

Oh dear! Where to begin!  There are five forms of tenure which are:

  1. Owned Outright – 34.8% of England live in 8.29 m owned outright properties
  2. Mortgage Payer – 29.9% of England live in 7.11 million mortgaged properties
  3. Private Renting  – 18.5% and 4.4 million households rent privately
  4. HAs – 10.1% and 2.4 m rent from a Private Registered Provider (HA landlord)
  5. LAs – 6.7% and 1.6 million rent from a Registered Provider (Council landlord)

Invariably those who own outright (tenure form 1) is combined with mortgage payers (tenure form 2) and called the home ownership tenure.  However, you don’t own until the mortgage is paid off and to highlight that those who own outright will see their housing asset rocket in value due to higher interest rates whilst those who are paying a mortgage will see their mortgage costs almost double each month with soaring interest rates moving near to 6%.  It is why they are two very different tenure forms.

We see a similar conflation of PRP and RP housing as ‘social housing’ yet the correct name given to housing associations of PRIVATE Registered Providers by the official Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) correctly differentiates them from the only public sector and publicly owned properties of council landlords.

Sentence 8 – “bring homes back into council ownership”

Is Lisa Nandy suggesting a Labour government would nationalise PRP properties and bring them under public ownership?  Over 1.6 million former council houses were transferred from councils to newly formed housing associations under the LSVT policy.  1.6 million Council houses were transferred from public sector ownership to private sector ownership and most of them under the last Labour government despite this being a Thatcherite policy.

Housing associations (PRP) cannot hold any public duty e.g. to house or re-house anyone as they are not public sector bodies.  PRPs now own and manage 60% of the absurd conflation we call ‘social housing’ in England and three in every five SRS properties.  In 1980, 31% of Britons lived in a council house and just 3% in a housing association property so council housing tenure has shrunk by 80% in this time when HA tenure has more than tripled from 3% to 10.1%

  • IF (a) Nandy means taking the perverse conflation of social housing to become the second highest form of tenure it means a move from 4.0 million SRS properties to >7.11 million properties to overtake mortgage-paying tenure which is currently the second highest tenure form.
  • IF (b) Nandy means taking council housing to the second highest tenure form then it means nationalising PRP housing and bringing it under council and thus public sector control AND building at least a further 3.2 million new council houses!

Good luck with both of those aims Lisa Nandy!!

However, today we are told that Starmer Labour wants to see the perversely conflated “home ownership” go from 65% to 70%.  This extrapolates to 1.19 million more mortgage payers taking the current mortgage paying tenure up from 7.11m to 8.3 million households and making mortgage-paying the largest tenure form overtaking the 8.29 million who own outright.

This would mean for social housing to become the second largest tenure that some 4.31 million more social housing is built under a Labour government and whether PRPs are nationalised or not.

However, the PR spin merchants of the Labour Party and the myriad of Labour Housing Groups were repeating after the Nandy speech that the new 2022 Labour Party target is 90,000 new ‘social’ (ahem) homes per year which either means Nandy expects the Labour Party to be in power for 45 years [4.31m new properties divided by 90,000 per year]; or the myriad of Labour Party spin merchants were seeking to downplay the Nandy speech which was written by a 14 year old with an IQ of 14 else there was plenty of ‘shrooms’ taken by the Labour Party Housing Policy speechwriters when drafting it.

Apparently ‘shrooms’ make the Labour Party housing policy speechwriters forget that at least years conference they pledged 150,000 new ‘social’ homes per year making the 2022 Labour conference speech of Nandy a 40% cut in new social housing properties.

When the delusional blinkered incompetents who comprise the social housing cogmiscienti try to ignore the above and ask how council housing can return to its former ‘glory’ (ahem!) ask yourself why would councils who now see 90% of them have their own private landlord companies (LHCs) which enable then to operate no fault eviction tenure (AST) at full market rents then why on earth would councils choose to go back to what nostalgic rose-tinted spectacle wearers call coundil housing?

Ten times the hassle for 40% of the rental stream is hardly an incentive is it?

2018 White Paper

Half of English local authorities have NO council housing and clearly nobody told the idiots who drafted this appallingly inept speech and told the idiotic Nandy to say council housing, council housing, council housing would get a cheer from the conference floor. That’s about the level of prethought that went into this speech on housing if I am being too complimentary.

It is something about Liverpool that makes the Labour Party live up to the old maxim of its better to letter people think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and confirm it? It was the Labour leader speech of Miliband in Liverpool in 2011 when he said that Thatcher was right and her Right to Buy policy was a good thing.

As thick as porcine faeces and just as appealing

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