Just how low can social (sic) landlord propaganda go?

There can be surely nothing more redolent of the faux-social nature of ‘social’ landlords than Magenta Living (the former Wirral MBC council housing) seeking kudos and acclaim for rehousing ten (10) former single homeless persons in 40 months!

WTF is ‘social purpose’ supposed to mean when self-congratulating oneself for rehousing 1 homeless person every 4 months is purported good practice and worthy of praise!!! It is like claiming Mussolini was a good chap and worthy of praise for making the trains run on time (a myth anyway) and ignoring the rest of his actions.

However it gets far worse than this when we barely scratch the surface as the rehousing of just 1 former homeless (and not necessarily roofless rough sleeper) every 4 months was for single homeless persons who attracted a lot more money to pay for their support under the Housing First model and LCR pilot – support funding that is not available ordinarily for the 150,000 minimum single homeless persons England has each year as the support funding (on top of the rent) is entirely 100% discretionary. So 1 every 4 months but only if there is additional funding .. how very ‘social’ of you Magenta Living!!

Let’s look at the Magenta tweet seeking kudos and acclaim

Ten in total since the LCR pilot began in May 2018 over 3 years ago and woop woop with a 100% sustainability rate! I shall decode this for you so you can see this is propaganda that Goebbels would be proud of, as presumably would his pal Benito Mussolini be too!

How many single homeless persons, whether rough sleepers or homeless hostel dwellers did Magenta Living had to choose these ten persons from over the best part of three and a half years?

Wirral has at least 200 single homeless hostel dwellers at any point in time and all need and qualify for a one-bedded property to escape their homeless hostel state. So lets say the average length of stay in a hostel is six months there for illustration purposes and that is 400 single homeless hostel dwellers per year which equates to 1400 single homeless hostel dwellers in Wirral which Magenta Living could have rehoused in the three and a half year time frame.

They rehoused 10 or put another way did NOT rehouse and end the state of single homelessness for 99.993% of single hostel dwellers in Wirral over this time with the Housing First offer.

Dearie me and I was believing the Housing First hype that a house is provided firstly AND on an unconditional basis … which Magenta Living incredulously seek to assert in their news release referenced in the tweet above.

So offering a home FIRST from their 13000 or so properties is reduced to 3 per year. Hmm! Magenta own and manage the majority of all social housing in Wirral (over 60% of all SRS housing) by virtue of being gifted all of the former council housing there so the relevance is there for all to see for this monopolistic social (ahem) landlord.

In rehousing this tiny number you can rest assured that Magenta Living have cherry-picked these 10 persons since May 2018 very very carefully. This is an all too regrettable issue in all claims for the Housing First model in the LCR pilot of which Magenta Living is part and the other two large-scale HF pilots in Manchester and the West Midlands.

The Housing First model and theory is as its name suggests to rehouse ALL single homeless persons firstly and on an unconditional basis which clearly excludes cherry-picking and is an issue right across the UK as this theory is unobtainable hogwash (and any other euphemism for absolute total unworkable bullshit!) Yet Magenta choose to see and promote this acute and extreme subjective selectivity as the Ronseal position doing what it says on the tin!

In the Scottish Government large-scale Housing First pilot it took an average of 149 days to find a suitable one-bedded property so calling it Housing FIRST is a chronic misnomer. It also revealed in Edinburgh that 77% of Housing First ‘customers’ were not roofless rough sleepers at all but were housed immediately prior to Housign First ‘acceptance.’

The English large-scale pilots had a purported evaluation report a month ago which revealed it could take up to a year to actually find a ‘Housing First (sic)’ one-bedded property and this tome of a report never stated any average time or any other material data to be evaluated at all in any of the three large-scale pilot areas of which Magenta Living is part of the LCR large-scale pilot. In short the Housing First model and theory anywhere in the UK or worldwide is nothing but a sham that cannot reduce homelessness let alone end or solve it

However what we have here apart from the sham and charade that is Housing First is just how low those we call social landlords go to assert they are social and imbued with social purpose and all other examples of the word social used as adjective. Magenta Living is far from alone in this and their example here is unfortunately standard practice and commonplace propagandist claim that mirrors the vast majority of social (sic) landlords when it comes to rehousing homeless persons.

The CORE official data for 2019/20 revealing England’s SRS landlords offered up just 11,106 rehousing properties to all “single homeless” cohorts when England has a minimum of 150,000 single homeless households per year! The claimed ‘social’ landlords at best meet just 7% of the yearly single homeless rehousing demand.

Social in relation to housing or landlord means housing and rehousing those with the greatest housing need and who cannot afford to rent privately or to buy. This is the definitive absolute of the social housing concept that is the housing welfare safety net … and here we see a large housing association in a very privileged and monopolistic position seeking acclaim for rehousing 1 homeless person every 4 fucking months and even then they are extremely cherry-picked and only as they come with support funding under HF which is ordinarily not available to non Housing First single homeless persons and those cherry-picked numbers represent less than a tenth of one per cent of the single homeless cohort they could have rehoused from their Wirral locale.

Is that decoded enough for you now all you social (sic) housing apologists who profess repeatedly that you will always house those most in housing need because you are ‘social?’

An article here states that Wirral MBC took in 774 roofless rough sleepers during the Everyone In initiative (8 months out of this 40 month time frame) Magenta Living who own and manage the vast majority of social housing in Wirral took in and rehoused 10 persons (which I assume to be former immediate roofless rough sleepers as their news releases only alludes to this but doesn’t state they were) or 1.3% of them despite having 60%+ of all social housing in the borough.

How truly ‘social’ and truly life-changing eh! What on Earth would the ‘unhoused’ ever do without such magnanimous Private Registered Providers to give housing associations their correct name such as Magenta Living.

We are truly blessed with such social purpose and social ethos that oozes out of every pore of Magenta Living and its staff aren’t we?

Can we all please stand on our doorsteps and bang a pan for them every Thursday evening at 8pm do you think so as to express our never ending gratitude for the heroism they so meekly seek in the humility of their news releases?


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