Everyone In was an epic failure

7 in every 10 rough sleepers in London were NOT accommodated and/or supported by Everyone In proving that this government plan to cleanse the streets of roofless rough sleepers was epic failure. CHAIN data reveals of the 11,018 rough sleepers recorded in London just 3,365 were ‘caught’ by the wholly misnamed Everyone In scheme.

31% of London’s rough sleepers were ‘found’ yet 69% of them were not even found let alone accommodated and/or supported

The CHAIN Data

I am sick and tired of reading that Everyone In was (a) a success, and (b) it proved that rough sleeping COULD be ended if the political will was there.

These dual claims are stated all the time yet they are bullshit as the London CHAIN data reveals. They are the claims of the deluded hope-monger; claims that have been made by Government, Labour Party, the homeless APPG, every local authority, Big Issue, Crisis, Homeless Link, Shelter, Centre for Homelessness Impact, Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all even including the most left-wing housing and homeless activists

Everyone was NOT in. The majority of rough sleepers were not IN they were OUT and still left behind as roofless persons.

It matters not a jot whether the 31% of London rough sleepers who had some contact with the EI scheme were (a) accommodated temporarily or (b) were accommodated and left EI because it was not for them, all that matters was Everyone In was Everyone NOT In as the scheme failed almost 70% of roofless persons by failing to even bloody well reach them.

The CHAIN data also proved that the number of rough sleepers on the streets of London actually INCREASED despite this supposed Every One In scheme. No doubt some of the deluded hope-mongers will say at least it was only a tiny 3% increase as is their want and/or conveniently overlook that rough sleeper number INCREASED despite EI and despite the eviction ban in place as well.

None of these deluded hope-mongers are likely to ask WHY the rough sleeper numbers increased or WHY the Everyone (sic) In scheme failed so epically. They will continue to pat themselves on the back for what they did do and just ignore what they did not do … as is their want.

None of the deluded hope-mongers will say how the hell can the Housing First Model possibly work to address rooflessness if we can’t even FIND the rough sleepers in the first bloody place to fill the one-bedded properties that we know do not exist to enable the escape from rooflessness and upon which the Housing First Model farrago is 100% based upon the bullshit assumption that the one bed properties do exist and are available.

I have kept this short as the premise that EI was success is used widely and consistently. It is an assertion that has no basis in fact or reality and it is a LIE that the deluded hope-mongers are holding onto for dear life as it excuses their ignorance, incompetence and collusion.

When will we wake up to the reality of rough sleeping in England without being called woke? Hmm!

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