Christopher Pincher is the Tories Rachman. This housing minister must go

Christopher Pincher the Tory housing minister must resign immediately or be sacked as in his own words he has condoned the worst excesses of landlordism and tenant abuse by Clarion Housing Group the UK’s largest housing association that we all witnessed on ITV News.

The series of ITV News broadcasts exposed abuse by Clarion and also revealed that Clarion knew of the dilapidations, severe damp, black mould and other unfit for human habitation standards they imposed on tenants as abuse since 2015 and some 6 years ago.

Christopher Pincher is saying this is acceptable as Clarion self-referred the matter to the regulator of social housing shortly before the ITV News broadcast and some 6 years after Clarion admitted they first knew of these properties which do not deserve the label of shit holes.

Social (sic) landlord Rachmanism and tenant abuses are fully supported by Christopher Pincher and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) is what this letter says.

The relevant extract

The full letter

There is no other comment needed except to remind you that Gavin now Lord Barwell is a board member of Clarion and a past Tory housing minister as is David Orr CBE the former chief executive of the National Housing Federation the membership lobby for housing associations of which Clarion is the largest member. Issues I discussed here and make no mistake this is abuse.

PS – As Christopher Pincher is an alleged well known sexual predator who has not been sacked for being predatory I doubt he will be sacked or be honorable enough to resign for doing bugger all about decades of landlord abuse on tenants do you?

3 thoughts on “Christopher Pincher is the Tories Rachman. This housing minister must go”

  1. The way for large Housing Associations to avoid scrutiny – not that the Regulator gives anything like, is to Buy a past MHCLG Minister onto your board – Disgracefully corrupt, This tory govt surpasses anything hitherto seen, especially during the pandemic !

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  2. I received a similar response from the Regulator last year when I complained that Genesis and subsequently, Notting Hell Genesis, had failed to reduce rents by 1% as set out in the Welfare Reform & Work Act 2016.
    Because NHG self-referred (after I had started asking questions of them and years after they had begun their fraud), the Regulator would take no action, not even a slap on the wrist.
    So the message to social landlords is clear. No matter what your crime, when you realise the game is up, confess to the Regulator and you will be granted absolution.

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