Clarion and 11 years of Rachmanism imposed on tenants

Eleven years living in a rat-infested dilapidated shithole is what Clarion Housing Group is telling its tenants to do – ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS.

On Wednesday this week ITV News aired the uninhabitable state of social (sic) landlord Clarion and revealed that Clarion’s policy towards tenants is one of Thatcherite ‘managed decline’ or lump it or leave their scarce social housing.

A Neo-Rachman strategy that aired the full horror of the social (sic) housing shitholes that social (sic) landlord Clarion provide at the affordable (sic) rent level and which 500 households will have to endure for a further 5 years on top of the 6 years they have already endured these dank dilapidated shitholes since 2015.

Clarion say they are so sorry. That is Clarion the UK’s largest landlord and who have on their board the former housing minister Gavin (Lord) Barwell who was also Theresa May’s chief of staff; and David Orr the former chief executive of the National Housing Federation the umbrella lobby for England’s housing associations. Sorry? Oh do fuck the fuck off!

Here is a still from the ITV news video – and believe me this gets much worse:-

Clarion has known about the appalling uninhabitable shitholes on this near 500 property estate since 2015 and admitted it will take another 5 years at least before they can rehouse the 500 households in properties which are habitable.


ELEVEN FUCKING YEARS in a known shithole is the policy of the purported social landlord and charging the affordable (sic) rent level which is more than double the social rent level as £1300 per month or £300 per week for a three bed property reveals

No lights upstairs for 8 months and pissing in the dark… a ceiling collapse yet still not fixed after 7 months … YET these are lucky tenants paying £300 per week for a Clarion shithole as other tenants revealed to ITV News.

Black mould and the adverse health that gives to tenants doesn’t bother Clarion, neither does not bothering to fix structural problems and Clarion doesn’t give a rat’s arse that tenants have to wash in a bucket as they can’t use the bath. In fact Clarion doesn’t give a rat’s arse about the multitude of rats arses who are living rent free in their purportedly social homes …

If only we could find a way to charge the rats …. is probably an agenda item for the next Clarion board meeting

I could go on and on and deservedly so kicking the lazy fat cat arse of Clarion’s chief executive Claire Miller who was paid a £39k yearly bonus on top of her near £350k pa basic salary last year.

Ordinarily I do not give the same rat’s arse as to how much social (sic) landlord chief executives are paid yet in this case we see Claire Miller getting a £39k bonus for subjecting 500 households to the appalling and uninhabitable conditions of her properties and that simply cannot ever be right. It can never be acceptable to subject tenants to live in these shitholes and imagine the furore if these shitholes had been rented out by a private landlord

ALL directors and board members of Clarion should have all their bonuses since 2015 when these shithole properties were first known to them taken back and given to Clarion tenants on this shithole estate as the first meagre step towards compensation.

ALL of these 500 Clarion properties should have their rents reduced immediately to a peppercorn rent until Clarion has brought all of them up to the minimum standards of habitation. The local council in which these are based should send Environmental Health Officers to every property at the expense of Clarion and then use their powers fully to have outside contractors come in and put these properties to a habitable state and again at the expense of Clarion.

The local authority should also send social workers to every one of these Clarion properties and again at Clarion expense with children as this is tantamount to child abuse.

A few weeks ago Robert Jenrick the minister responsible for housing was very quick to condemn Croydon’s council housing landlord yet has said nothing at all about the much worse shitholes that Clarion provide! Why is this?

The simple reason to answer my own question is that Clarion Housing Group is a housing association, more correctly labelled a Private Registered Provider to reflect their private company status. Clarion Housing Group like all housing associations is a private company and no different to Eton or Harrow schools which also have the same charitable status as housing associations. Clarion and all housing associations are PRIVATE companies unlike the public sector Croydon or other council landlords so they will not get any intervention or even rebuke from this government because they are private and not public sector.

This Clarion scandal needs to be used to highlight the private nature of housing associations and just how little scrutiny or comeback tenants have when they get shafted by these purportedly social landlords. Carry on living in squalor for 11 years or fuck the fuck off is nowhere in any definition of social yet this is precisely what Clarion is doing and has been doing to 500 households since 2015 and which Clarion want to continue for the next 5 years.

This is Rachmanism approved, authorised and turned a blind eye to by Government.

PRIVATE Registered Providers (aka housing associations) own 60% of all that is termed social housing in England – 2.5m properties while council landlords, aka Registered Providers own 1.6m or 40% of all social housing.

In short 3 in every 5 purportedly social homes in England is owned and managed by PRIVATE Registered Providers such as Clarion and they have no real scrutiny or oversight and their tenants can be mistreated in the same way that Clarion treat tenants – Clarion is the new Peter Rachman

4 thoughts on “Clarion and 11 years of Rachmanism imposed on tenants”

  1. I’ve written to my MP and he has referred the matter ( as he always does ) to MHCLG, who will no doubt trot out some stock answer supporting the Social Housing regulator, who I’ve argued is NOT fit for purpose.


  2. Unfortunately the way alleged social housing is regarded does end up with Grenfell.

    The state of social and private housing is a national disgrace.

    You have millions of worthless flats due to incompetent construction and social housing which hasn’t been kept in decent states of repair.

    This has been the case for over 40 years.

    Govt needs to ensure that at least £100 billion is spent on repairing defective flats and social housing.

    Social housing requires billions to keep in a decent state.

    RTB was only a ruse to rid the Govt of the very large costs to maintain social housing.

    Unfortunately while getting rid of the repair costs under RTB it has meant insufficient social housing.
    With that it has meant massive costs in TA.

    Govt despite their best efforts simply can’t avoid the massive costs of housing.

    On reflection it would perhaps be far more cost effective to invest in social housing.
    Yes it costs to maintain.

    But overall far more cost effective to maintain and retain social housing rathwr than pay HB to private LL.

    There are dysfunctional members of society that need to be looked after.

    Social housing is part of the State looking after these lower class types.

    The State cannot abandon these lower class types.

    It just has to be accepted that social housing provision is required and must be paid for no matter what the cost.

    Nobody likes paying for the feckless lower classes.
    But it is something society has to accept it has to pay for
    They are the undeserving poor but the State has to house them albeit at enormous cost to the State.

    Social housing a bit like the NHS cannot avoid the costs of the provision.

    The taxpayer has to pay.


  3. It’s about time that councils, housing associations, and private landlords, all had a level playing field in terms of housing conditions, the HHSRS criteria that private landlords have to abide by should be the same criteria that social landlords have to abide by. Perhaps HHSRS inspections and enforcement should be taken out of the hands of local authorities, and there should be a fair and independent body that carries out this work, and applies it equally regardless of the social/private status of the landlords.


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