Social landlords MORE likely to evict than private landlords official figures reveal. Time to change the errant, deceitful, propagandist narrative!

Social landlords in England & Wales evict far more than private landlords. This has always been the case since official statistics were first published in 1999.

For every 2 private landlord evictions there are 5 by social (sic) landlords

Many will find those facts bemusing as the level of propaganda used by social housing lobbies and sycophantic actors in politicians and homeless lobbies is the private landlord is the bogeyman, the proverbial inhumane and nasty bastard while a ‘social’ landlord is beneficent and wouldn’t dream of doing the ‘nasty bastard’ practises – is the commonly-held view.

An article in Inside Housing today here says so and typifies the chronic deceit and propaganda that characterises the social rented sector. Like all propagandists Inside Housing – the leading trade journal for the social rented sector – even draft a tweet for its readers to copy and retweet to disseminate the propaganda:

The operative phrase that I have highlighted is FOR THE FIRST TIME and that says it all as it means, in ordinary and non-pandemic times, that evictions by social landlords are typically much higher than evictions from private landlords.

The article later puts the numbers on the evictions by tenure to reveal:-

In the first quarter of 2020, social landlords made 14,119 possession claims in the county courts. Private landlords made 5,884.”

In short for every two private landlord possession claims there are five in the social rented sector

The article even goes on to admit that social landlord eviction claims are and have always been higher than those in the private rented sector:

Eviction claims by social landlords have consistently been much more common than those by private landlords since the MoJ began compiling the statistics in 1999”

In short, social landlords evict far more than private landlords in England & Wales

Despite these admissions and facts the public, the politician, the activist, the media and every other actor on the homeless and housing stages believes the overall narrative of private landlord bad / social landlord good.

I am not saying private landlords are good. I am saying ALL landlords can be nasty bastards and the irrefutable facts and official statistics confirm that. I am saying we need to be realistic and label the social rented sector with the same cynicism we only give to the private rented sector. I am saying stop assessing rented housing from the massively errant view of SRS landlord good and PRS landlord bad and wake up and smell the coffee FFS!

The end of the ‘pandemic eviction ban’ is now here and the media is full of articles stating how many private renters will be evicted and perpetuating the false narrative that it is ONLY the private renter who is at acute risk of homelessness. This is unadulterated bullshit and despite the official Ministry of Justice statistics and fact revealing that social landlord evict more than private landlords this patently negligent narrative is the norm.

In August 2020 I posted an article which reported that the projections of those to be evicted post-pandemic and post eviction ban, which is the immediate context today, revealed MORE existing social renting tenants were to be evicted than private renting tenants and which I developed the simplest of graphic charts below.

The above projections from Shelter (July 2020) and the District Council Network (May 2020) are for households not persons to be evicted post pandemic. When we factor in the average household size of 2.3 persons they equate to 625,000 men, women and children evicted from council and HA properties and a further 525,000 men, women and children from the private rented sector making 1,150,000 in total men, women and children evicted due to pandemic arrears – a population the size of Merseyside – so the problem is huge in terms of scale – yet the media narrative is this is only going to happen to the private renting tenant by the nasty bastard bogeyman that is the private landlord.

ALL of the available data, fact and official statistic reveals this to be propagandist bullshit and a hugely errant narrative. Shelter, Crisis, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Generation Rent, the Guardian, the Observer, the Times, the BBC, The Labour Party as the official opposition (such as it is) all promote this errant, deceitful and distorted myth and all are shameless in doing so – as is the assumptive left-wing housing activist who errantly assume that the private landlord is the only nasty bastard when the council landlord and the housing association landlord is just as much, if not more of a nasty bastard.

But hey, they have ALL ignored housing facts for decades whilst they promote the myth of SRS landlord good and PRS landlord bad being correct and not the chronic distortion that irrefutable fact reveals …

4 thoughts on “Social landlords MORE likely to evict than private landlords official figures reveal. Time to change the errant, deceitful, propagandist narrative!”

  1. Indeed I find it quite amusing that despite all those PRS industry participants including those are usually against eachother advocating for Tenant Rent Saver loans the Govt refuses pointblank to consider them.

    There is NO business logic to this refusal.

    However the reason the Tories don’t wish to assist LL is because of their little publicised ideological stance of eradicating small LL.

    The unfortunate position that many LL find themselves in mostly caused by rent defaulting tenants is perfect as far as Govt is concerned.

    It knows that many LL put into parlous circumstances by the eviction ban is a perfect coincidence of detrimental issues for LL to force them out of business.

    A Govt dedicated to eradication of small LL is hardly going to assist them by assisting tenants to pay defaulted rent.

    For Govt the pandemic eviction ban has been great for them being able to impose further pressure on LL to force them out of business.

    The PRS is deluding itself if it believes Govt will provide any facilities that will enable tenants to pay rent arrears and ongoing rent.

    The last thing Gov wants to do is to enable LL to remain in business.

    Govt doesn’t care if there are insufficient residential letting properties available.

    It naïvely believes that prospective tenants can magically become homebuyers.

    That just proves how idiotic this Govt is.

    Though far less idiotic than a Labour Govt would be.

    Govt is hellbent on reducing the numbers of PHP.

    It doesn’t care what the effects of doing so are.

    It idiotically believes that the fewer LL will result in more Tory voters.

    Talk about detached from political realities!!!

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  2. Private housing providers commonly described as LL are far from the bogeyman.

    Such PHP are invariably far more responsive to their customers.

    If they aren’t they could find their letting properties not wanted.

    Social Housing is invariably Hobson’s choice.

    PHP are usually responsive.

    It is reckoned that 98% of tenants are satisfied with their letting experience.

    That is not to say that PHP should rest on their laurels.

    LL should always attempt to maintain their offer to make it as best as possible.

    Customer retention for a start.

    The big issue for LL is the inability to remove tenants who for whatever reason default on rent.

    It is primarily for this reason that many LL are selling up.

    The PRS would be far more viable if LL could get rid of rent defaulting tenants quickly.

    It would also be more viable for the more difficult tenants which you continually advocate for which is fair enough.

    The PRS would he transformed beyond recognition if fast repossession occurred in the event of rent defaulting.

    That means NO court action required at all.

    A total of 45 days from first rent default to being removed by the LL with Police assistance if necessary to prevent a Breach of the Peace.

    The 45 day period to include 2 month’s rent default and 14 days NTQ.

    1 month and 1 day without rent being paid if rent paid in advance is 2 months rent default.

    Being able to quickly get rid of tenants as SOON as they default on rent would encourage many LL to take on the difficult tenants.

    So whilst it might seem counterintuitive making it easier to get rid of rent defaulting tenants will encourage more LL to take on the riskier tenant like the single male homeless.

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  3. But there IS ( has to be ) a reason why the Govt. fail to acknowledge these blatant facts, slamming down hard on the PRS ( oblivious to the harm done to the 90%+ of honest tenants )
    Its because the Govt want to eliminate the small Landlord they see as ‘unprofessional’ – whether that be the case or not, and favour more corporate ( Conservative party sponsoring ) landlords.
    But what explains the so-called tenant support groups, what fuels their angst, directed solely against the PRS to the absolute exclusion of Social Housing.
    Could it be that they receive significant funding from the Govt, via tax-payers money and don’t want to offend the ‘piper’

    So who’s causing the most harm to most Private sector tenants, the miniscule proportion of Rogue landlords, or so-called Tenant campaign groups and Govt who affect the 90+% of Honest tenants ?


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