Tomorrow, Tomorrow, you’re homeless tomorrow …

Tuesday 1st June 2021, that is …Tomorrow the ‘pandemic eviction ban’ ends.

Tomorrow the private sector owners of dinghy B&Bs have an orgasm – Kerching!

Tomorrow the day that homelessness lawyers similarly have an orgasm – Kerching!

Tomorrow, the day when the 1.15 million men, women and children start to get the roof taken away from over the heads despite this 1.15 million number being known and projected for a year and when absolutely bugger all has been put in place to deal with the shitstorm this will mean!

Lot more than 1 little orphan Annie…

Tomorrow is the day when the Labour Party, Shelter, other homeless lobbies and the Renter Reform Coalition finally realise that THEY have done as much bugger all about this as the government and the day all of these homeless actors say there was nothing we could have done as blame deflection for the absolute bugger all they have done despite knowing about this for a year! In August last year I posted this known position of over 1 million additional homeless men, women and children in a simple chart detailing the projections of Shelter and the District Council Network of post eviction ban homeless by tenure.

500k households at 2.3 person / household is 1.15 million homeless men, women & children

WHY (the fuck) has it taken a year for the one million additional men, women and children about to become homeless before the attention-seeking w*nkers in the media and in politics have gone Oh My God over a million people are about to become homeless!?

Where (the fuck) will these more than 1 million men, women and children live? The dingy B&B type temporary accommodation run by private landlords and hoteliers is the only answer, and of course at massively increased rates given the rules of supply and demand. The extra money homeless lawyers will make while challenging the inevitably unlawful decisions LA homeless departments will make as they strive to artificially reduce the true homeless numbers for which they will have the financial responsibility!

Why the fuck does central government not give a fuck?

Because dealing with hundreds of thousands of homeless presentations is a local government matter … and no doubt Government using the tired old ‘big number’ strategy of ‘we have provided £x million more to local authorities for homeless issues’ … which they know people will believe because they will see £x million as a big number and not equate that with the tuppence ha’penny per capita per homeless household this is…!!

No doubt Dodgy Bob Jenrick will be trotted out on every available TV and radio programme to say just how much ‘big money’ government has given to local councils to deal with homelessness and issue more known deceitful lies about how Everyone In was a success and how caring and beneficent this conservative Government is … blah, bah, blah!

YET all of these deceits and excuses and blame-shifting strategies will mean bugger all and will NOT stop over a million men, women and children losing the roof over their heads will it?

Imagine every single person now living in Birmingham being kicked out into the street and despite knowing this extreme likelihood would happen for a year that bugger all has been done by anyone to address this homeless catastrophe. That is a correct analogy yet because homelessness is the epitome of ‘othering’ nobody gives a shit about this impending disaster and every homeless ‘actor’ has done bugger all about it except try to find the best way to dramatically state the one million homeless number in articles a day or two before this disaster begins.

  1. How many will say or think that it is mainly renting households who will be affected and not realise that rent, both social and private rent level, is higher than mortgage costs and takes a larger percentage of income to afford than a mortgage?
  2. How many will simply say get a job you lazy bastards as there are plenty out there?
  3. How many believe the absurd statement of Shaun Bailey the Conservatives candidate for London Mayor who said homeless persons CAN save for a mortgage deposit?
  4. How many will say that it is the fault of Johnny Foreigner taking all the council houses as Sir Roger Scruton the late Tory peer stated despite all evidence that this is factually incorrect as well as the fact that England has 5 million fewer council houses today than it did in 1979!

These four examples are the typical otherings we have over all forms of homelessness that people WANT to believe and frequently state as assertion despite the facts proving all of these posits are absurdities writ large.

How many will say the additional one million homeless men, women and children is all down to the pandemic and there is nothing that could have been done … and ignore the pre-pandemic status quo of increasing systemic homelessness and Bedroom Tax, Overall Benefit Cap, abolition of Council Tax Benefit and other welfare reforms (sic) and also ignore the recession the UK is in and the Brexit disaster adding to the systemic shit show that was the pre-pandemic English homelessness position?

In summary, the fact that Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all are writing about the one million plus extra homeless men, women and children a day or so before it begins when the projections of it have been known about for a year, says it all as to the apathy about how England addresses homelessness.

It is all tomorrow’s fish and chip paper and the day after the public will be far more interested in whether Carrie Symonds wore something new when marrying someone old, someone borrowed and someone blue rather than worry their pretty little apathetic heads over an additional one million more homeless men, women and children.

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, you’re homeless tomorrow …”

  1. It’ll take 2 years to process this number of evictions, given the 4 month notice, 2 month debt respite and yhe massive Court & bailiff backlogs?
    Govt should provide a rent debt loan scheme, with repayments made over 5-10 years. Tenants keep a roof over their heads, tenants know they can’t get away with not paying, landlords do not get into financial difficulties.


  2. For those tenants ( in whatever accommodation sector ) who genuinely can’t pay their rent due to the pandemic, government should take action.
    As for the remainder of tenants – who aren’t genuine, – well, they’ve made their own bed.
    There is always going to be a need for many justifiable eviction. Of course tenant support groups claim there is no such thing as a justifiable eviction. Best they become Landlords and start helping the problem, rather than making it worse. !

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