Nobody gives a sh*t about the social tenant

The tenant living in the social rented sector must be the lowest of the low as Shelter, the Renter Reform Coalition and the Labour Party do not give a shit about them. All the more surprising given MORE social tenants than private tenants will be evicted and become homeless as a result of the pandemic, brexit and recession yet ALL we hear and read about from Shelter, the Renter Reform Coalition and the Labour Party is how many PRIVATE tenants are at risk of the arrears to eviction to homeless pathway.

In August 2020 I reported on the pandemic arrears creating evictions and cited the two projections then announced of 228,000 households evicted from the private sector from Shelter and also the District Council Network (DCN) projection of 272,000 social tenant households comprising 174,000 housing association and a further 98,000 council tenants evicted in homelessness. I drafted the crudest of charts to report these figures:

The eviction ban has been deferred and deferred but ends this week and the only thing that is certain is the numbers will have increased from the DCN projection in May 2020 and from the Shelter July 2020 projection as I strongly doubt these organisations factored in the actual length of the pandemic and second and possibly third waves which will only create more arrears to eviction to homeless cases.

As usual ahead of the eviction ban lifting from Tuesday 1st June the usual suspects are out in force in the media giving their unfortunately ignorant fourpenneth worth with ALL of them adopt the patently false narrative that tenants being evicted is a private rented matter only.

The Guardian, Observer, Times, Mirror, the BBC, Shelter and essentially Uncle Tom Cobleigh and all portray this huge issue as a private renting matter only and not one of them mentions social tenant evictions AT ALL never mind noting and reporting that the majority of tenants to be evicted will be from the social rented sector as the reports in 2020 stated.

If there are 2.3 persons per household in these at acute risk existing tenant households then the 228,000 PRS households sees 525,000 men, women and children projected to be evicted and made homeless by the proverbially nasty private landlords. Boo! Hiss!

Yet what about the 174,000 projected housing association households and the further 98,000 in council hosueholds which also have 2.3 persons per household that is projected to see the nice, cuddly beneficent social (sic) landlords putting 625,000 men, women and children on the streets? Shhhhh!!

How dare I say ‘social’ landlords will evict 100,000 more men, women and children than those nasty moneygrabbing private landlords?? That is not what I am saying, that is what the projections are saying and yet nobody is giving a flying fuck about!

The DCN which made this projection comprises the frontline staff of 187 local councils whose officers work in their homeless departments. Are these DCN homeless workers less qualified than Shelter, The Renter Reform Coalition or the Labour Party to project those at acute eviction risk?? Of course not. They are better qualified to make a projection.

In my article from August 2020 sourcing and discussing these projections I mentioned that the Labour Party’s now former shadow housing minister Thangam Debbonaire called an urgent debate over post eviction-ban homelessness and she and her colleagues in the Labour Party FAILED to mention anything at all about the same acute risk to social renting tenants!! Today in the Sunday Mirror we see the new Labour Shadow Housing Minister Lucy Powell making the very same and crassly ignorant mistake by portraying this as a private rented only matter. We also see Polly Neate the chief exexutive of Shelter, other Shelter staff, numerous members of the Renter Reform Coalition and the Observer and the rest of the usual suspects stating this purely a private rented matter nonsense all over social media.

Nobody gives a shit about the social tenant – QED!


Some of the Renter Reform Coalition members

3 thoughts on “Nobody gives a sh*t about the social tenant”

  1. Govt want the PRS to contract and are Shelters ‘ Paymasters’ ( same goes for a lot of the tenant lobby’s.
    Why can’t the 90% of hard working, honest tenants see that Tenant support groups are only campaigning for the Rogue, Freeloading Tenants that will come back and harm the genuine tenants.


  2. You are totally correct I and many other LL care NOTHING for Social tenants!!

    It is nothing personal.

    Most Social tenants are good people.

    It is the pathetically dysfunctional repossession process etc that cause the issues.

    LL are unable to quickly remove rent defaulting tenants.

    It is just even more awkward with Social Tenants.
    Clawback etc.

    There are so many negatives for LL to take on Social tenants that I would rather leave my properties empty than take on a Social tenant.

    A massive risk for me.

    A social tenant with my council CANNOT be assessed for a private tenancy until the LL has granted a tenancy.

    What sane LL would grant a tenancy unless it was guaranteed that the tenant qualified for benefits especially HB and DHP!!!!!????

    Yet again it is the tenant of all types that are victims of Govt policies.

    Such polices are aimed at driving the small LL out of business.

    How that assists any tenant types beats me!!!!


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