Burnham’s homeless parable – 99.4% of planned new homes are NOT for ‘the homeless’

Just 300 of 50,000 new social rented sector homes across the 10 local authorities which make up Greater Manchester are for former rough sleepers in the charade that Andy Burnham calls a homeless prevention strategy. 49,700 of these 50,000 and 99.4% of these planned homes are not earmarked for homeless households so why is it being sold as anything to do with homelessness??

Another thing that the hyperbolic media releases failed to say is these new SRS homes are to be built by 2037. It is a 16 year strategy as the consultation document itself says:

The facts – the devil in the detail – and vague and woolly detail at that is a far cry from the propaganda in media reports such as the Manchester Evening News and Inside Housing as evidenced below

Not once in this sycophantic and deceitful Inside Housing propaganda is there a mention that this 30,000 new homes for social rent is over a 16 year period and by 2037. Not once is this 300 total properties for former rough sleepers which is just 30 properties in each of the 10 Greater Manchester local authorities over sixteen years said for what it is and ….


Pre-pandemic Burnham admitted that GMCA had over 600 known rough sleepers so half of them will be off the streets in 16 years time assuming not 1 more new rough sleeper crawls out from under the woodwork before 2037! The

Andy Burnham, Metro Mayor of the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities (GMCA) and the 10 local authorities which comprise it, is going to have to perform a greater supply and demand miracle than Jesus did with the 5 loaves and two fishes. He is truly the Messiah!

I would dearly love to see the GMCA strategic analysis that projects the rough sleeping numbers for the next 16 years until 2037 which asserts there is only a need for TWO additional yearly properties needed in each of the ten Greater Manchester council areas to see if it is an in-house or external consultant PENC (Pangloss & Emperor’s New Clothes) report. Burnham is not the Messiah. He is just a very naughty boy!

It is also interesting that Burnham as the Messiah has not got a Handel on the Greater Manchester naughty social (sic) landlords who want 40% and 20,000 of these 50,000 new SRS properties at the chronically misnamed “affordable rent” level and which exclude all prospective tenants on benefit due to the overall benefit cap and other ‘welfare (sic) reform (sic)’ policies never mind excluding those who find themselves homeless.

Put another way greedy social (sic) landlords want 20,000 affordable (sic) rent properties so they can cream off excess profit (averaging 49% more in GM) but have to provide 300 former rough sleeper properties as constraint!

This great homeless plan of Burnham in short sees at least 20,000 and 40% of all properties to be NO DSS properties over the next 16 years and a tad different to the snake oil that Burnham is attempting to sell on behalf of the grubby ultra-commercialised landlords who have the temerity to describe themselves as social!

Burnham and his GMCA communications team are selling this plan as being about homelessness – and aided and abetted by numerous bullshit merchants who are promoting it – when it is nothing of the sort. It is political bullshit that uses the offensive levels of homelessness GMCA has for political purposes even more offensively with the tell a lie often enough and people (want to) believe it strategy.

6 thoughts on “Burnham’s homeless parable – 99.4% of planned new homes are NOT for ‘the homeless’”

  1. Most homeless are because they CHOOSE to be.

    There is plenty of decent and affordable accommodation.

    It invariably is NOT where those allegedly homeless wish to reside.

    NO allegedly homeless person should have a choice of where suitable accommodation for them may be.

    Any allegedly homeless should be assigned rental property no matter where it is.

    From an affordability perspective that means moving millions from the SE to the North.

    There are whole empty streets in the major Northern towns.

    Scotland needs more population.

    Well send all the scuffers up North!

    The North would greatly benefit from the spending power of scuffers.

    Those on welfare always spend everything they are given.

    This would greatly benefit the Northern economy.

    The South can afford to send all our scuffers up North.

    We don’t want them or their welfare income.

    The North does and it needs it.

    It is about time that the allegedly homeless had choice removed from them.

    It should also be acknowledged that many alleged homeless shouldn’t even be in the UK.

    They should be depirted.


  2. Its far worse than that Debi, Joe will tell you that since 2010 Councils and Housing Associations have been allowed to charge new Tenants, ‘Affordable rent’ which is about 30% above LHA rates, AND gets paid to Housing Associations and Councils for their tenants whereas PRS tenants only receive LHA rate.
    Talk-about ‘Levelling-up’ !!!
    AR was devised because the govt recognised that providing Housing at LHA rates was not financially viable. ! so private landlords And their tenants have to ‘take the hit’

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  3. there all in finantial commisioned gravy train relationships together so the housing associations here get a blind official eye turned to there devious behaviour. reading the local lettings agreements, where housing associations put there case for council approval to ask to be excused housing people in housing need as there just to needy, and they would risk ‘reputational damage’ taking homeless nominations ‘….!! , is truly eye opening in reveling there true intolarant attitude to low income people. its the Regestered provider version of developers s106 avoidance. burnham imposed the nhs private finance initiative hospitals so hes comfortable with outscourcing and PFI on the homeless. im not. none of its working here like the PR machien myths pretend. grassroots workers who question the stratagy an raise cases of failiures are frozen out. everything in this city is run by and for particular developers.like one manchester HA , with the etihad dictator financed social rent estate buldozing.
    check john silver ‘from homes to assets’. burnham is just a frontman.


  4. Well done! 30 rough sleepers will now only have to spend an average of eight years on the streets before being housed. Shows that we really care as a society.

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