Abysmal social (sic) landlord facts over domestic violence and homelessness

You will have read about a huge surge in cases of domestic violence and abuse during the coronavirus outbreak with some areas reporting a staggering 150% increase.

2 per cent dva

Yet how many of you know that social (sic) landlords rehouse just 2% of those who have fled DVA and 98% are rehoused by the proverbially nasty private landlord?

You will also have read that some 13,500 rough sleepers are currently being housed in hotels and wonder how can this be the case when we are told there are only 4,500 rough sleepers!

How can we temporarily rehouse 3 times the number of rough sleepers that are supposed to exist!! (And many rough sleepers are still on the streets btw.)

How many of you know that social (sic) landlords – councils and housing associations – rehouse less than 10% of England’s single homeless groups of which the rough sleeper is just one such single homeless group? 13,000 is the official figure for single homeless rehoused by social (sic) landlords out of a minimum 140,000 single homeless the system creates each year.


13,000 above is Crisis quoting the official figure in the 2017 Moving On report.

Yes that does also mean that the proverbially nasty capitalist bastard private landlord rehouses more than 90% of England’s yearly single homeless – and which includes around one-third of all women who flee domestic violence and abuse to refuges.

Q) When this idiotic government go through with the banning of no fault evictions which is their policy (which Crisis, Shelter et al welcome!) how many single homeless persons will private landlords refuse to accommodate as they cannot get rid of them quickly?

A) If private landlords who know rehouse 130,000 take flight from just 10% it means 13,000 per year or social landlords will have to DOUBLE the 13,000 they now rehouse to 26,000 per year!

If you expect anything less than 30% – 40% private landlord flight that will see the only other option in social (sic) landlords having to rehouse FOUR – FIVE TIMES the single homeless they do now then you will be mistaken!

The so-called social landlords are without a doubt the most asocial landlords when it comes to rehousing homeless persons and providing the ESCAPE from the abhorrent state of homelessness!

A bit different to the bullshit PR that housing associations especially bombard social media platforms with and extolling how social they are.

Next time you read the scores of social media posts that are put out every day by the ‘social’ landlord PR spin teams lauding the latest meaningless campaign they have signed up to or created just remember for every 100 cases of domestic violence and abuse that social (sic) landlords rehouse just 2 of them.

I could write thousands more words on this but I will just let these irrefutable FACTS which the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus has finally brought them to the fore speak for themselves. 


An online domestic violence and abuse signposting site is here