20 million wrong Universal Credit decisions each year … time to UC off

Universal Credit will be claimed by 8.5 million UK households and each will have at least 12 decisions each year.  Of these 102 million individual UC decisions each year 20% of them will be wrong and result in short payment says the National Audit Office.

Over 20 million wrong and underpayments each year yet we still have idiots calling for a stop and fix rather than stop and abandonment policy!  We still have idiots saying UC is fine in theory it is only the implementaion that is wrong! Wake up and smell the coffee.

What is wrong with Universal Credit is that it is THE most incompetent social welfare policy ever created.  It is incompetent by design.

rudd and ids

Frankenstein IDS and his latest monster Rudd

After more than 5 years since it began to be rolled out nationally in October 2013 so many basic errors and faults and flaws have still not been corrected and we see the NAO state that 1 in every 5 decisions is wrong.  You cannot even roll the UC turd in glitter any more and the policy has to be abandoned.

Even the latest concerted challenge to stop UC rolling out before Christmas 2018 on the basis it will cause hardship at Christmas is idiotic.  Its basis is leave it till January 2019 and presumably on the basis that the abject poverty it creates on implementation is somehow fine if it occurs in January and February but not in December!!

Sir Amyas Charles Edward Morse, KCB is the Comptroller and Auditor General of the National Audit Office (NAO), an independent Parliamentary body and who wrote to the Secretary of State Work & Pensions (ie DWP) in July 2018 (see here) informing the then SSWP Esther McVey that 20% of Unversal Credit decisions are wrong

We also know that 20% of claimants are not paid in full on time and that the department cannot measure the exact number of additional people in employment as a result of universal credit.

  • 20.4 million wrong UC decisions each year
  • 1.7 million wrong UC decisions each and every month
  • 1.7 million UK households being underpaid each and every month
  • Over 4 million men, women and children directly placed into poverty  (1.7m households containing 2.4 people) each and every month due to this incompetent farrago of a policy

Over 5 years of “Stop and Fix” aka “Test and Learn” activities to fix this policy of its most basic of errors and it is still not fit to even be called a turd.

If 1 in 5 UC decisions are wrong NOW with just 10% of the intended full UC cohort claiming this incometent mess of a policy and after more than 5 years of piecemeal changes in the test and learn strategy then imagine what  it will be like when UC expands to ten times its current claimant number!  So far the UC 10% are the easiest and least complex cases of (mostly) single persons.  The Government test and NOT learn policy cannot even roll the policy in glitter on the easiest and least complex cases!

Universal Credit is a failure by design.  The Government UC test and learn policy is also a failure.






4 thoughts on “20 million wrong Universal Credit decisions each year … time to UC off”

  1. Do away with it we should be living not put in a life where death would be better than living peaple begging sleeping rough on streets hope yr happy with yr selfs yr a joke and complete mess


  2. They Tory cunts need to be jailed as this is a deliberate assault on our peoples mental wellbeing and its causing people to lose jobs also due to childcare blunders


  3. Living in one of the areas designated for full roll out from the first week of December, I disagree that deferring roll out until Jan 2019 is a bad or irrelevant thing. ATM we know we can’t stop UC, but we do know that everyone who is added to UC will not get any money at all for at least 6 weeks. The DWP offices will be closed for extended periods reducing even further the opportunity to claim an emergency payment, or sign posting to food banks, or for the food banks even to be open. UC is cruel by design, we all know, but to inflict it on ppl when they have office closures planned is just abominable. If this can be avoided in any way at all, we must support the call for all Dec claims to remain on the old system.


  4. I’ve just been placed on u c in September having worked most of my life but had a stroke . Im now expected to live off 57 .00 a week as I’m in the wrong brand and not on disability as a tick box was filled in wrong even though it was checked 4 times before being signed off. I’m still waiting to be transferred over with no time scale in place . And to add to it all told to sit in the cold 1 day then put heating on another walk 4 miles to food bank even though can’t walk to the end of the street oh and to cancel all bills and read a book . I’ve paid in to this country for over 35years and now I’m treated worse than a criminal they at least get 3 meals a day warmth tv etc 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡


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