Why we should revile McVey

The Minister for Disability who introduced and signed the DLA to PIP policy in May 2012 was Esther McVey and below is a screenshot from government’s impact assessment that gets to the heart of the matter.

dla2pip impact assess

As you can see the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) to replace Disability Living Allowance was DESIGNED to take disability benefits off 500,000 disabled persons / households!

PIP policy with its changed form of assessment saw those assessments and its policy criteria was purposely DESIGNED with the premeditated intention to remove half a million disability persons out of the scope of disability benefit.

The handiwork of Esther McVey and precisely why she is so reviled and rightly so.

Her new PIP policy was a case of the Tories deciding that they will only spend £x on disability benefit so adjust the criteria in the new policy (PIP) to facilitate the removal of half a million disabled persons, who had been medically assessed as being disabled and therefore in need of disability benefit to cover the much higher costs of living that a disabled household faces.  Make the criteria tougher and we will mask this with the usual vague bullshit spin all governments use to hide their premeditated dirty tricks!

In fact this impact assessment had little such spin and argued that not ALL those on DLA had full medical evidence yet only because the government had not gone to the cost of collecting such medical evidence which in oral argument was spun to say this was the claimants fault and inferred they were or could be scroungers blagging the system.  Yet in the impact assessment the government and the minister responsible Esther McVey was forced to admit openly and frequently that the government would not pay the increased projected costs of DLA and therefore chose to cut the number of cases by 500,000 in order to save £1.2 billion per year by 2015.

McVey thus inferred those disabled households receiving DLA were swinging the lead and these scroungers numbered half a million households. It was impossible to evidence this inference and assertion that McVey knew full well and this policy was a simple intention to save £1.2 billion per year and to hell with how she labelled all disabled households as scroungers in order to sell the policy.

The same as asserting that Esther McVey is an extremely calculating cold-hearted ambitious bitch which we (genuinely) believe to be true and for which we do have some evidence to support such as this decision and others.  YET if we dare to proffer that we are told this is abuse while Esther McVey is permitted by political hypocrisy to say that 500,000 disabled households are scroungers because she did not name one individual!

Oh do fuck the fuck off politicians with your outrageous duplicity and double standards!

That is also directed at Corbyn who like all politicians today said this ‘abuse’ of McVey is wrong and must stop and Corbyn thereby considers the public saying what they believe about a politician is abuse but a politician castigating the entirety of UK disabled households and abusing them is permissible or even fine and dandy!

ALL politicians are using this duplicitous double-standard because over the past few years social media has facilitated the means to bring ALL politicians to book and hold them and their decisions to account (I know such a radical concept to these supposed public servants!!)

No politician has taken more abuse than Diane Abbott and so much research of the last general election proved that beyond any doubt whatsoever yet much of that abuse came from politicians not the public too to make the politicians standard retort of them being held to account as abuse defence.  Of course genuine abuse is wrong and requires and receives swift police attention as the case of Luciana Berger shows and abuse is not to be condoned.

Yet when Esther McVey castigates ALL disabled households as she did and knows she did with the DLA to PIP transition then the tirade of disparaging comments she received is merely a healthy democracy in action and fully deserved.  Esther McVey revels in such outrage too as to a politician especially in the Conservative Party being a heartless bastard to the great unwashed is a surefire means to get promoted up the Tory ranks as so many Tory MPs from Norman ‘get on your bike’ Tebbit have become self-styled pantomime villains for the same ambitious end.

In summary Esther McVey knowingly and with premeditation decided to remove disability benefit from half a million UK disabled households and that is irrefutable fact and by her own hand.  She did this deliberately and also deliberately chose to castigate all 3.2 million disabled households in the UK with the scrounger swinging the lead tag in order to ‘sell’ that policy known as Personal Independence Payment of PIP.

Whatever scorn she gets from disabled lobbies and from non-disabled lobbies make no mistake that she fully deserves it!








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