Housing associations directly cause homelessness … EXCELLENT!!

Yesterday I informed of the sneaked out Government announcement to increase social rent levels by 21% and by £4.64 billion and how this directly creates significantly more homelessness.

Today I read in Inside Housing the response to the Tories sneak announcement:

Housing associations have been lobbying for an inflation-linked rent settlement since communities secretary Sajid Javid promised certainty at the National Housing Federation (NHF) conference last monthDavid Orr, chief executive of the NHF, said:This is excellent news. We welcome today’s settlement on rents. It will give our housing association members the certainty they need to leverage in private finance and build the homes the nation so desperately needs.”

Housing associations like to play the benevolent card of ‘social purpose’ and they constantly state this is their ethos and raison d’etre.  Yet the reality is very different.

Housing associations directly and knowingly create homelessness.

They create it for their existing customer as they offensively call the social tenant and also create it for prospective customers by refusing to allocate housing to those households that see Tory Housing Benefit policies see the full rent not being paid.

As a result of the intense lobbying of housing associations to increase rents and getting inflation busting rent increases – which David Orr of the NHF describes as excellent news – they will evict more existing tenants and refuse more prospective benefit households both of which create significantly increased homelessness.

David Orr thinks it excellent that his housing association members directly create more homelessness!

David Orr thinks it excellent that his housing association members will evict more tenants.

David Orr thinks it excellent that his housing association members will socially dump the benefit household onto local councils homeless departments and your council tax payments will rise.

David Orr thinks it excellent that a far higher percentage of council spending will be on temporary homeless bed and breakfast ‘hotels’ and that local libraries and other council areas of spending will be cut.

David Orr thinks it excellent for his housing association members to sh*t all over local councils and at the same time with no sense of irony or hypocrisy laud a Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) report called Building Bridges between councils and housing associations.

David Orr talks of housing associations as community champions and best placed to help communities (blah, blah, blah) when in fact their greed directly reduces community services in every community.

David Orr thinks it excellent that the average social tenant household will see £22 per week rent increases which means many more benefit households will get £22 per week less in housing benefit towards their rent in the zero-sum game of the overall benefit cap policy.

When existing tenants can’t pay this amount and in a context of their other benefits are frozen then they will be evicted. When prospective tenants – and there are 280,000 or so new HA tenancies per year in England alone – face the much more in-depth financial assessment tests operated by housing associations and fail them, then more benefit households will be refused a house and go straight to the homeless department.

The same refusal to house will happen to those in low paid full-time work with the LHA Maxima Cap policy to begin in 2019 as unlike the overall benefit cap policy being in work provides no exemption to this housing benefit cut or for that matter does it exempt the pensioner.

The evidence is in already for those processes of so-called social landlords refusing to house the benefit tenant and it will get dramatically worse through the greed of housing associations who are correctly termed Private Registered Providers.

The Welfare State concept of housing those most in need has gone and now housing associations only house on the basis of can you pay the rent or not – housing greed not housing need – and David Orr thinks this is excellent too! If you can’t meet the rent then fuck off is the ethos of housing associations and which David Orr thinks is excellent too

Where will the low income household live? That’s not my problem says David Orr … Excellent!


UPDATE: To avoid any confusion the £4.64 billion social tenant rent increase figure is the cost in 2024/25 and for that year only.  The cumulative cost over the 5 year period is £13.56 billion more in social rent from:

  • £858m more in 2020/21;
  • £1.75bn more in 2021/22;
  • £2.68bn more in 2022/23;
  • £3.64bn in 2023/24 and
  • £4.64bn more in 2024/25

£13.56 billion in social housing rent increases the Tories announced yesterday!

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