Housing Associations DOUBLE evictions .. and its chief executive does not KNOW!!

“I was talking to a chief executive the other day who said that the rate of evictions at her association has doubled over the past year, much to her astonishment.”

The above is a direct quote from one housing association chief executive about another; an almost throwaway quote in context in an article in Inside Housing here.

This one sentence sums up housing associations and their claimed social purpose.

Housing Associations – What are they really?

  1. The only thing that matters to housing associations is their bottom lines
  2. They can’t be called social landlords as they don’t understand the word
  3. Their correct name of PRIVATE Registered Providers sees the cap fit.
  4. They have no duties or obligations to house or rehouse anyone.
  5. They urgently need much closer regulation.
  6. They blame the nasty private landlord yet evict just as many people.
  7. They blame government policy yet fail to see their responses to it
  8. They create homelessness directly in their eviction and allocation policies
  9. They increased their average rent 34% between 2010 and 2015
  10. They have almost 2 in every 3 social housing properties
  11. They have a “critical friend” relationship with the Tory government
  12. They have separate private renting and private sale arms

I could give you 20 more such statements of fact and validity such as they now build just 8% of new houses at a social rent level when in 2010 over 90% of their new housing was for social rent, a remarkably change for any business.


Social purpose and charitable status amounts to pay the rent or f*ck off.

Nothing more.

They are modern-day feudal landlords and nothing less yet daily they opine we have social purpose coursing through our veins or we will always house those most in need and other such vacuous, meaningless and knowingly false mantras.

They are riddled with self-delusion as the astonishment of the chief executive shows as to what they actually ARE and not what their own hype or hyperbolic delusion that emanates from their umbrella lobby the National Housing Federation says they are.

Pay the rent or f*ck off encapsulates the reality of what they actually are.

They are complicit and violent actors on the rented housing stage and their eviction and rent levels across the board and specific acts of refusing to allocate to anyone under 35 even those in work and threatening to inform social services who will take your kids if you don’t pay your rent are acts of violence.

Pay the rent or f*ck off sums up their violent reality.

They will take up to six times more from the tenant in arrears payment that a court judge typically allows under the Universal Credit Alternative Payment Arrangement in a deal they negotiated with their ‘critical friend’ the Conservative government and inflict poverty and create homelessness by doing so.

Pay the rent or f*ck off

How much more fact and evidence do you need in order to see housing associations for what they really are?

pay up or else


Did anyone read the National Audit Office report released today and plastered all over social media and national press?  Those truly nasty private landlords its all their fault this homelessness increase lark it says …

Festooned with those nasty private landlords rent increases eg:

10 The affordability of tenancies is likely to have contributed to the increase in homelessness. Since 2010, the cost of private rented accommodation has increased three times faster than earnings across England. In London, the increase was eight times, with private rents rising by 24% and average earnings increasing by 3%. Homelessness tends to be higher in places where private rents have increased most since 2012-13 (paragraphs 1.12, 1.13, and 1.17 to 1.19).

Shocking! An outrage! Those nasty private landlords increased rents by 24% from 2010 to 2017.  Hang the profiteering bastards eh?

Oh hang on no mention that housing associations increased rents by an average 34% from 2010 to 2015 then as is fact and detailed here (private landlords by 16% over same like for like period too!)

DOUBLING evictions and DOUBLE the rent increases of the nasty private landlords is admirable in its consistency!

Similarly no mention in the NAO report that social landlords who are 47% of the rented market yet account for 46% of all evictions either?  Shame on you NAO (and all the usual sycophants who parrot such reports which start from an assumptive hypothesis and seek convenient data to prove your preconceived assumptiveness.

The ending of an AST is the biggest reason for homelessness? Yes agree it s the biggest recorded increase … yet what is a housing association starter tenancy or an introductory tenancy then if not an AST with another brand label?  Is that reason why housing associations evict as many as those nasty private landlords?

Label it Tesco, Aldi or Heinz and a tin of beans is still a tin of beans.

What about the massively increased use of insecure tenancies by housing associations that is also Conservative policy for those HAs to use starter / introductory / fixed term tenure or AST use itself? Why no mention of that in the woefully narrow NAO report as:

(i) a cause of homelessness;

(ii) a cause and reason for the increase in homelessness; and

(iii) the narrow focus of just ‘welfare reform’ but not housing reform as a contributory factor and a lack of assessment of impact of ALL types of government policy that contributes to the increases in homeless numbers?

Far too complex and far easier to believe the narrow, assumptive, chronically incomplete and non-evidence led analysis of the NAO isn’t it?

But c’mon reader why would you believe my fully evidenced led fact and analyses above when the NAO was advised by experts in their report:-


Er …

Ah the beauty of social and all other media forms when we simply retweet or like or share FAKE NEWS and then moan we have too much of it!

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